[SNEAK PEEK TODAY] “So remember Me; and I will remember you…”[2:152]

The month of Ramadhan is about one thing, and revolves around that one thing; to please Allah, to be a part of the Muqarribeen (those who are closest to Allah). There are so many things we could do to achieve that, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to ‘talk’ and ‘converse’ with Him? To be able to know what He wants and Hear His soothing words? So why not take a step or two (or a leap) further with our relationship with His Kalam (words) in Qur’an. Feel His love for us and share that love with others ️

Our Ramadhan Box has a Hifz Journal for you to record your hafazan journal; be it a surah or an ayat, what matters is that we read, recite, understand and memorize them. And of course, to turn them into ‘amal. And that’s why we have 2 stickers as reminders and 4 mission cards for you to challenge yourself this Ramadhan insyaAllah

To order, simply fill in the form;

tinyurl.com/RAMADHANBOX17(clickable link on bio)

Price:Rm50/GBP12Order before 7th May to get it before Ramadhan!

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