1. Choose your PACKAGE
  2. Choose your STYLE
  3. Decide how many PEOPLE you want me to draw
  4. Choose your BACKGROUND
  5. Choose your FRAME
  6. Choose your PRINT
  7. Make PAYMENT
  8. EMAIL me the PICTURE you want me to draw, the BACKGROUND you’d like (if you choose with background), or any questions and requests

See description below for more information and to read the Terms and Conditions. See image gallery for examples and to see the frames.

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  1. Choose your PACKAGE
    • Package A – softcopy only . The artwork will be emailed to you.
    • Package B – softcopy and printed artwork. You will receive the artwork in the email and the framed artwork will be posted to you. Tracking number will be provided once it is posted.
  2. Choose your STYLE (See image gallery)
    • Lineart Tall
    • Coloured Lineart Tall
    • Simple Lineart Tall
    • Chibi
  3. Decide how many PEOPLE you want me to draw
    • 1-2 people RM53
    • 3-4 people +RM10
    • 5-6 people +RM10
    • 7 and more +RM10
    • if you want to add more than 10 people, please choose 7 and more and email me the number of people, there will be an additional cost for more than 10 people.
  4. Choose your BACKGROUND
    • No background – the background will be white or any other colours. 1 colour only.
    • With background +RM20 – you can choose to have full background, floral/flowers, icons or abstract background.
  5. Choose your FRAME (see image gallery): The frame size is 20cm tall X 14.5cm wide, with glass on both side.
    • Gold – Gold glossy frame with glass on both sides
    • Black – Black matte frame with glass on both sides
  6. Choose your PRINT (see image gallery)
    • Not printed – choose this if you want soft copy only.
    • Full print – full print of the artwork of about 4X6 inch.
    • Outline print – artwork will be cut following its outline, which will look nice in between the glass – floating effect.
  7. Make PAYMENT
  8. EMAIL me at [email protected] the following things;
    • the PICTURE you want me to draw
    • the BACKGROUND you’d like (if you choose with background)
    • or any questions and requests


Terms and Conditions;

1. Full payment is compulsory before any work starts.  2. Artwork is for PERSONAL USE only.  3. Printing the artwork in any ways is strictly prohibited.  4. Use for commercial or retail or promotional purposes are also strictly prohibited.  5. You are allowed to share the artwork on your social media as long as it is not for commercial or promotional use. 6. Do not remove or cover the artist’s signature on the artwork. And kindly credit and tag @iffahlukislukis whenever appropriate. 7. The timeline for the artwork to finish is within 1-2 weeks after pictures as reference are provided, although usually finishes earlier than that, then you will be informed.  8. Final delivery date (printed artwork) will be confirmed only after the final artwork is agreed on.  9. You are allowed only 1 edit after coloring work has started.  Thank You.


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