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Here we list the several methods you can use for INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT.

INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT (From outside Malaysia, non-Malaysia bank)

  1. Transferwise
  2. Paypal Express



If you are outside Malaysia and do not have any Malaysian banks, you can use between the two options below. Kindly note that both options have extra fees for the money transfer, but they have different fee rates and different terms. Have a read on both and choose which you’d prefer.



You can transfer directly from your local bank to our Malaysian bank (MAYBANK) with low fees. It has significantly lower fee (between 1% up to 3% of your total amount) compared to Paypal, but in order to transfer the money, you are required to register an account with Transferwise.

How to pay with transfer wise?

  1. Choose Transferwise as the payment method at the checkout.
  2. Click HERE to register for a Transferwise account. If you already have a Transferwise account, kindly log in to your account at their website.
  3. Follow the steps in the website.
  4. When you want to make the payment, make sure you transfer the EXACT AMOUNT as shown in the SpreadSalam order invoice/email.
  5. Transfer to our account;


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 562209627478


After you have made payment, kindly send the proof of payment and your Order number to our email [email protected]

The payment will usually takes at least 2 days to reach us, and we will process your order once we have confirmed to receive your payment.



Alternatively, you can also use PayPal to transfer overseas money into our account. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to transfer the payment, but the fee is significantly higher (between 4% up to 7% of your total amount). PayPal is however, fast and we will receive your payment immediately.

To pay using PayPal, you can simply choose PayPal Express checkout when you want to Place Order at the checkout.

However, if you face any problem to pay with the checkout, you can let us know and we will send you a PayPal invoice to your email. You can pay with your PayPal account or with your debit/credit card.

After you have made payment, kindly send the proof of payment and your Order number to our email [email protected]


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